Act Ethically, Honestly & Legally

While it might seem obvious that everyone should act in this way, the reality is that the real estate profession has many roadblocks to acting legally. Difficult and cumbersome laws that change in each state mean that constant vigilance and continuous training is a requirement even for the most basic aspects of the job. Further, there are huge short-term financial incentives for agents to tell half-truths and take shortcuts in their work. We believe that it is self- evident that acting ethically, honestly and legally needs to be the first step in being a responsible adult and is the cornerstone of the trust that is required to be successful. This means that we walk away from some transactions and take the extra time to act properly even if it costs money in the short-term.

Platinum Rule

Everyone knows that the “Golden Rule” states “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” We believe this rule has a significant flaw. Sometimes the way you want to be treated is different than the way your client wants to be treated. This leads to poor service and unhappiness both for the client and the agent. The Platinum Rule states: “Treat others as they wish to be treated.” This is a fundamental paradigm shift. It requires that we first ask our clients “What do you want?” so that we can provide the services that they actually value, want and need. We need to have a deep and personal connection to our clients in order to understand their needs and fulfill them.

Excellence for Its Own Sake

We believe that any pursuit worthy of being done should be done to the highest possible standards. There are always choices in how to execute any task, when it comes time for us to decide how to do our work the answer is always: The best way possible. This philosophy imbues all aspects of our approach to our work.

Take the Lead

We do not follow, we lead. This is shown in myriad ways. First, we use the Platinum Rule to discover what our clients want and then we act to make their desires a reality. We take on leadership roles in our community, industry and lives as demonstrated by being on boards of various charities and industry groups. We have the patience to wait for opportunities to present themselves and then we act with alacrity.

Embrace Change

The world is in a constant state of change and disruption and the pace of innovation is ever increasing. Rather than rail against this, we embrace it. We believe that opportunities for professional and personal growth are found in this evolving world. The more change, the more opportunity to grow.

Grit & Balance

Because change can be disruptive and because there are so many obstacles in life and work we believe that everyone needs grit to succeed. Grit is the unswerving drive and determination to reach our clients and our own goals. We will do what needs to be done despite long hours, struggle and difficulties. We will achieve our goals. Grit alone can make people one-dimensional, unpleasant or limit the ability to see options. Balance in life is essential in order to achieve goals. Keeping level-headed, positive and always seeking new ways of approaching the same problems is essential to our professional and personal success.